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Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Mood

Fabric Headquarters

Fabulous striped cotton

Luscious Hot pinks & periwinkles

Today my girlfriend and I went to Mood Designer Fabric store in Los Angeles, on the hunt for printed cotton. I have to say I was in fabric heaven because the immense textures and vibrant colors had me in awe. Mood is the fabulous fabric palace that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have the contestants of Project Runway pick up yards and yards of exquisite material for their next challenge in New York City.

If you're ever in need for fabric, accessories, dress forms, etc.......Mood is your destination!!!


Anonymous said...

I love Mood. I've never been to a store, but their online presence is pretty good as well.

Deanna Jackson said...

Hi Adrienne,
Mood's online site is amazing and the store is like no other fabric location....I was like a kid in a candy store!!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

Hey Deanna!

I never knew there was a Mood in LA! Of course I've been here. You can get lost in that place!! I love it there!

Love the new look of the blog! : )

Mood Fabrics said...

Thanks for the love, its very appreciated.

Deanna Jackson said...
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Deanna Jackson said...

Thanks Moni...I went up and down each aisle in awe.

Deanna Jackson said...

@ Mood Fabrics- Happy to show the love; your establishment is second to none and I will be back soon!!!

Kiran said...

Love it...I am not one to visit fabric stores, but you have made me reconsider. Love those pinks.:-)