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Saturday, June 12, 2010


"Mahogany" premiered on TVOne tonight. It was such a good movie, with a mix of high fashion and love. Diana Ross played aspiring fashion designer, Tracy Chambers who falls in love with politician, Brian Walker, played by Billy Dee Williams. Diana Ross was absolutely stunning in the film and her wardrobe was insane with 70's flare.

By far, my favorite line in the movie was when Billy Dee says, " Success is NOTHING, if you don't have someone you love to share it with!"


Anonymous said...

What I'm about to say is horrible, but I've never seen this movie. And I don't have TVOne. On a positive note, I am LOVING the new blog look!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Definitely a blast from the past, but that Billy Dee line reigns true throughout time.

Nice layout :-)!

Divamom-Act II said...

Thanks for letting me know this was on. I tuned in and enjoyed it like it was the first time. Her designs were as fierce as I remembered and Ms. Ross wore them well. I hadn't seen it since I saw it at the movies way "back in the day"!

Chic Chocolate said...

That's my favorite movie! I have it on VHS and DVD and I watched it Saturday night on TVOne! I just saw Ms. Ross in concert about three weeks ago! I love her so much! She's my fairy godmother! :-) Love the look of your blog! Tres chic!

Deanna Jackson said...

Thank you, ladies! Just wanted to change things up a bit.

Mahogany was one of my all time favorite movies!!