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Monday, August 17, 2009

The September Issue

To all the fashion magazine junkies out there...this documovie is for us!! Premiering on 8/28/09 in New York and worldwide on 9/11/09, The September Issue chronicles the making of the Sept. 2007 edition of Vogue , which was the largest issue ever, with 840 pages. We get to go behind the scenes for a glimpse of a day and a life of editor, Anna Wintour, editor at large, Andre Leon Talley and the rest of the Vogue family. This issue overflowed with opulence , however, today's issues are alot smaller!!

"Fashion is the ultimate fantasy."


Adrienne said...

I got mine today along with the InStyle September Issue. I am in heaven :)

NewbieNaturalDiva said...

Thank you for the heads up! I will set my TiVo to tape this show asap. I am going out to buy the issue tomorrow!